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Hon Yu has independent research and development capability to cater to the demand of the market trends and customer needs. The design engineers from both sides are nothing short of the best few selected and qualified. Hon Yu's long term commitment and assurance in this respect will preserve its heritage and the legacy on for many years. And hence, we, at Hon Yu can produce top class products for our customers. And with our outstanding customer service and a stringent developing procedure, you as our customer, can feel at home. As we know customer is our most prized assest.

To know more of our products and services, please click the relevant pictures in below to access. Alternatively, if you want to know more in depth about how Hon-Yu Thailand can help you, please scroll down to view.

Bongiovi acoustics DPS

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Bongiovi acoustics DPS

:: For Vehicle

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HYTC is the sales distributor of LEDs made in Taiwan

LED is the abbreviation of "Light Emitting Diode". LED Lighting is also known as Solid-State Lighting (SSL). LEDs, which are environmental-friendly, power-saving and long-lasting, have caused a revolution in illumination in the 21st century leading to an emergence of whole new industries. LEDs are a compound semiconductor using III-V (GaAs, AlGaInP, Gan, AlN ...) or II-VI (ZnSe, ZnO ...) as light emitting materials with the advantages of small size, low power consumption, longetivity and color purity. Today, LED’s have become widely used in a variety of devices we use on a day to day basis..

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Stamping Metal Parts

We can help you in doing customize stamping of metal parts. Below you will find examples of some stamping metal parts that we have created.

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Auto and scooter accessories

We have a wide range of auto and scooter accessories like scuff plates, led, rear bumper, side skirt, front bumper, pedal set, muffle tip, stainless steel, rear trunk, window visor and many more.

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Hon-Yu Thailand Automobile Electronics

We offer state-of-art GPS navigational system for your routing purposes. Hon Yu Thailand carries in-dash and portable GPS navigation system which allows you to listen to mp3, watch movie on-the-go and alot more.

Click to view Hon-Yu automobile electonics range.





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Used-Air-Compressor Machines

On this page, you will find used air compressor machines that Hon-Yu Thailiand has. Kindly scroll down to view our used air compressor machines.



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Beside is our stringent developing procedure of our products. We follow this procedure very closely so as to acheive the best quality for our customer.

“Please do take note, from drawing to modification, it will take approximately up to 60 working days..”

We will custom design based on customer needs and finalized the drawings. Stamping tools made during development of tooling and fitting samples were made.

Customers will then examine the samples and upon final confirmation of samples, Hon-Yu will enter mass production for customers.


We have a range of superior sill/scuff plate for all differrent car. Our products are known for its standard of excellence and our prices in sill/scuff plates are very competitive in market.

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Sept 25, 2008
Hon-Yu Thailand had just revamp its company website to allows user to easily navigate around.
Jan 12, 2009
Hon-Yu Thailand All Staff wishes you a Happy New Year 2009 and a booming year ahead.

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