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Bongiovi acoustics DPS

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Dear Customers,

Please be kindly noted that we have now awarded & authorized for marketing this item (Bongiovi Acoustics DPS) in the regions such as Asia, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand.

Kindly refer to the Information below for a better understanding of our newly product(DPS):

Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station (DPS),

a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Vehicle Audio Enhancement…

      Bongiovi Acoustics patented DPS technology is a software solution to audio enhancement that brings studio quality sound to your vehicle without the need for costly audio hardware peripherals (i.e., speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, tweeters, crossovers, etc.)

      Guided by a vehicle specific tuning profile, DPS remixes the program material in real time to optimize its playback in your vehicle. The result is studio-quality sound

      Optimized vehicle sound is achieved despite the acoustically “hostile” environment of a typical vehicle and irrespective of the program source (i.e., AM, FM, satellite, CD, MP3, etc.) or the vehicle’s audio system

      No matter the type of vehicle hardware audio system, base or high-end, DPS makes it sound better

      DPS was developed by music industry professionals who clearly appreciate the sound-intent of artists who create their music in a studio environment.

How Digital Power Station Works?

       DPS works by remixing the program material in real time to compensate for the acoustical deficiencies of the playback environment and the limitations of the audio hardware

       When program material is played in a non-studio environment, like a car, the original studio-created audio spectrum is invariably degraded, especially in the hard-to-replicate low and high-end frequencies

       The traditional “hardware approach” has been to add power to compensate for degraded frequency response. This is done in a linear fashion, irrespective of where the power is actually needed

       The DPS software approach is to intelligently redistribute power to where it is needed in the frequency spectrum, taking into consideration the program material, audio components and playback environment 

        DPS effects this redistribution within a car environment in real time through a vehicle specific tuning profile

        The profile comprises 120 algorithm calibration points and factors numerous car audio elements including the radio, the audio enhancing devices (speakers, tweeters, subwoofers, amplifiers, etc.), the cabin configuration, the passenger seating, and so on

DPS Features & Benefits…

       DPS is housed in a 5.5” x 5.5” x 1.25” aluminium module which easily plugs into any car radio through a wire harness and resides either under the car seat or behind the dash board

       The install time is between 15-20 minutes

       The module would be pre-loaded with vehicle specific tuning profiles covering targeted vehicles

       A single SKU would now provide an amazing audio upgrade on the targeted vehicles!

       The total weight of module and harness is no more than 1.8 lbs, significantly lower than traditional hardware audio upgrades

       The lower weight translates into greater fuel efficiency and lower gas emissions – making the targeted cars “greener”

       The small module size translates into significant cabin space economies over traditional audio upgrades

       The module MSRP translates into substantial cost savings over “alternative” audio upgrades

       The studio quality sound that DPS brings to targeted cars promise more satisfied customers!

 Released Profiles:(Vehicles that have set up & adjusted for installation without interference)

           1         2010 Camry                                                                

           2         2010 Corolla 4 speaker                                             

           3         2010 Corolla 6 speaker                                             

           4         2010 Highlander 6 speaker                                      

           5         2010 Matrix 4 speaker                                              

           6         2010 Matrix 6 speaker                                              

           7         2010 RAV 4 6 speaker                                              

           8         2010 Tacoma 6 speaker 4 door                                          

           9         2010 Tacoma 4 speaker extended cab (transducers)     

           10       2010 Tundra 4 speaker 2 door                                

           11       2010 Tundra 6 speaker 4 door                                

           12       2010 Tundra 6 speaker Crew Cab                           

           13       2010 Venza 6 speaker                                               

           14       2010 Yaris 2 speaker 2 door                                    

           15       2010 Yaris 4 speaker 4 door hatchback  

Short introduce of Tony Bongiovi

Tony Bongiovi is a record producer and recording engineer with expertise in Electrical & Acoustical Engineering. He helped to remodel an old building in Manhattan—once a power plant for Edison, and later a television studio—into the Power Station recording studio in 1977.

Bongiovi was born in the borough of Raritan, New Jersey located in Central Jersey. He attended Bridgewater-Raritan High School West and is a licensed HAM operator.[1]

He has produced records by Gloria Gaynor, Talking Heads, Aerosmith (Classics Live) and Ramones (Rocket to Russia and Leave Home), Chic and many more. Early in his career, as an engineer, he worked the console for a number of sessions with Jimi Hendrix, as well as some of Hendrix's posthumous releases under producer Alan Douglas.

He is the second cousin of Jon Bon Jovi, and helped Jon in his early career by giving him a job at the Power Station and by allegedly financing and producing early demo recordings and paying for singing lessons. An album, John Bongiovi: The Power Station Years was released in 1999, featuring Tony Bongiovi's early recordings of Jon, before he changed the spelling of his name. The cousins had differing opinions on who should receive what[clarification needed], and after the group Bon Jovi objected, an out of court settlement was reached[clarification needed].

Bongiovi's most recent production is As Above So Below, the debut CD of the hard rock band NoEnd, released in South America by Sony/BMG, and also the band Deep Side on Jive records.


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